QUICK! Make an Apron out of a Dish Towel!

OH MY!  I was already totally smitten with these exact dish towels I saw at Target just a few days ago.  And then “Then she made…” offered this quick gift idea:  a dish towel apron!  I’ve seen dishtowels made into the sort of aprons that only cover the bottom half, but this design is FABULOUS!!!!

I’m sorry, but there’s no gifting where this project concerned!  I want this all to myself!  Go check out the blog and see what she did with some bargain Walmart dishtowels, too!  I need!  Plus, how much easier would this be to launder than some of my bulkier aprons?!  I could have a fresh kitchen apron for every day of the week!  Cheap themed aprons for every holiday!  Ooooh!  I want a harvest one with owls on it now!

The only thing I would change, would be to add a bit more length to the ribbon, so that I could wrap it all the way around and tie a bow in the front.  I just like bows. and belts. and belted bows.


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