Three Ways I’m Sewing and Saving this Christmas


November starts the rush at my house.  Sometimes I get all my handmade gifts done by Thanksgiving (a worthy goal), but other times I’ll be setting up my sewing machine well into December.  As I sit down to make a list of the handmade elements I want to tackle this season, I thought I’d share some of my plans.

1.  I’m keeping my sewing “in house” this year.  Every so often, I like to give our extended family (and myself) a break from my amazing (or occasionally not so amazing) handmade gifts.  And some years, it’s ALL handmade.  I might still make a few stocking stuffers, but nothing too elaborate this time around.  Instead, this season’s sewing will be mostly for our own kiddos.  That means the pressure for perfectionism goes way down, and I have a little more freedom to experiment and try new shortcuts–because being a home sewist shouldn’t feel like a part time job.

2.  I’m reducing the Christmas wrapping for this year (and years to come) by stitching reusable Christmas gift bags!  (This will give you the gist.)  I never get the gift wrapping done before Christmas Eve, so it’ll be wonderful to have a nice stash of festive drawstring bags to tuck gifts in neatly!  Less mess, better for the environment, better for my stress levels, and better for our wallets considering how much of my fabric stash was handed down to me or purchased in the form of thrift store sheets!  (99 cents!)  I’m also pretty confident that with a good process in place, I can make a gift bag almost as fast as I can wrap a gift.

3.  I’m sewing pieces for my winter wardrobe.  We always have a lot of events during the holidays, and my closet is in such a state, that if I want to stay out of the stores, I’ll need to sew a few basic wardrobe pieces for myself.  Nothing fancy.  Mostly some hemming and a couple winter skirts.  The kids are becoming a little more self sufficient, and I’m feeling like I might just be starting to wake up from my frumpy mom phase.  I might even think about looking cute again!  (I know!  Right?!  I thought it’d NEVER get easier!)

So, what are your plans?  Do you have a timeline in mind?  Got a sewing buddy to keep you motivated? Good luck!


P.S.  Just in case you were wondering how my other son’s Halloween costume turned out, here’s the pic.  They were both SO proud of their super hero garb.  They didn’t seem to notice a single imperfection. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Three Ways I’m Sewing and Saving this Christmas

  1. I have to admit, I am completely envious of your ability to sew Christmas presents. I have already spent over $700 on Christmas! Fortunately, most of that I paid for with Swag Bucks. AND that is everyone EXCEPT my husband and daughter, but still! They’re the most expensive. 😉

    This reminds me! You may of seen this on Pinterest already, but I was sharing this craft with my sister the other day and thought you would enjoy it:

  2. That is completely adorable!!!

    Do you have a sewing machine? Would you like to learn? I’m working on a series of beginner-friendly sewing tutorials! It’s not nearly as tricky as some people think.

    Also, awesome on your Swag Bucks! My sister-in-law does great with those, too, but I get too frustrated! LOL

  3. I DO want to learn, and I do have a sewing machine. My niece “borrowed” it but I’m in the process of getting it back. I’m sad to say when I bought it last year and couldn’t figure out how to get the thread on it, I just gave up.
    If you’re not completely attached to to a Android phone or tablet, you could run just the Swag Buck mobile apps, though it does take the phone up all day. I earn over $1 a day just for that, and most days it requires minimal work! I actually bought someones old Android phone just for this purpose – it’s paid off!

    • Alas! I actually tried that Swagbucks trick, but my husband didn’t like me using so much bandwidth. He thought our cable company might throttle our speeds if I kept it up. *shrug* I guess it is a lot, but I haven’t heard anyone say they were throttled. I let him win that one, though. Sometimes you have to. 😉

      Tell me what kind of sewing machine you have! Maybe I can help you thread it!

      • That’s funny. My husband complains that I am the reason our Internet runs slow sometimes. He thinks my 4 devices slow it down. I can’t imagine why he would think that. 😉 In MY defense, though, Comcast has told us we have more speed than we could ever use.

        Thanks! I have a beginner sewing machine, actually. Got it for $30 on Black Friday last year. 🙂


        This lady is absolutely adorable, and she’ll show you how to thread your machine. A friend gave me the tip that the thread should come out of your bobbin casing, before you put it in, should look like the letter “p” for “progress” (not “perfection”). I thought that was cute. And this YouTuber is so right: Brother machines are so easy to use! I love them!

        The only thing I didn’t like was how she reached under the machine’s needle with her fingers to retrieve the bobbin thread at the end. YIKES! Use your closed scissors or thread snips to do that! Safety first!

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