Make a Rice Sock!

My back is KILLING me today!  I finally called my OB/GYN to make sure I shouldn’t be worried about pre-term labor.  (I was induced, but had back labor with kiddo #1.)  Their advice? Make a Rice Sock (just like in this tutorial), heat it, and apply it 20 minutes at a time.  I don’t have any lavender, so do you suppose a lavender scented dryer sheet in each sock would add the fragrance I desire?

I’ll comment later and tell you how it went.


2 thoughts on “Make a Rice Sock!

  1. Oh! Mmmm…! Ah! That feels so much better!

    Unfortunately, my dryer sheet didn’t really add any fragrance. So I just smell kind of like a rice cooker! Oh well! Rice is tasty! And so is relief to my back pain!

    Hope my husband will forgive me for stealing his good boot sock for the project!

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