Winter, We’re Not Doing This.

wintry-1959267_1280No. Just no.  I am not doing northeast Ohio winter again in 2017.

My options are 1.) Uproot my family and start our lives from scratch in the tropics, or 2.) Winterproof my life and make the cold my b– burrito? Yeah… That’s what I was going to say. I’ve broken this option into the three action steps:

  1. Procure protection from the elements. In a perfect world, I would have gone to Appalachian Outfitters and told them I needed gear for an Everest expedition, but on my impulse budget, I just searched for Amazon reviews with the words “Warm”, “Minnesota”, “Wisconsin”, “Windy”, and “Slush”. Such provisions arrived this week.
  2. Vitamin D3, a.k.a. sunshine in a bottle. My doctor told me my vitamin D levels were perfect this spring, but at the time I was spending at least 12 hours a day getting my bare skin as close as possible to the surface of the sun. Ever since school started and my hoodies are back in rotation, I’ve felt progressively more lethargic. Walmart sells vitamin D3 in a gummy bear form. I don’t know if it will actually help my mood and energy, but gummy bears are a delicious way to symbolize my defiance toward the endless grey expanse we’re facing.
  3. Stay woke; stay triggered. No amount of pumpkin spice can sweeten this deal for me right now. I’m just sick of being chilly all the time. I’m counting on this anger to boost my adrenaline, aid my low blood pressure, and right my poor circulation when I’m digging out of the front door or scraping off the car. Could my rage burn hot enough to melt the snow? I can only hope.

Three Ways I’m Sewing and Saving this Christmas


November starts the rush at my house.  Sometimes I get all my handmade gifts done by Thanksgiving (a worthy goal), but other times I’ll be setting up my sewing machine well into December.  As I sit down to make a list of the handmade elements I want to tackle this season, I thought I’d share some of my plans.

1.  I’m keeping my sewing “in house” this year.  Every so often, I like to give our extended family (and myself) a break from my amazing (or occasionally not so amazing) handmade gifts.  And some years, it’s ALL handmade.  I might still make a few stocking stuffers, but nothing too elaborate this time around.  Instead, this season’s sewing will be mostly for our own kiddos.  That means the pressure for perfectionism goes way down, and I have a little more freedom to experiment and try new shortcuts–because being a home sewist shouldn’t feel like a part time job.

2.  I’m reducing the Christmas wrapping for this year (and years to come) by stitching reusable Christmas gift bags!  (This will give you the gist.)  I never get the gift wrapping done before Christmas Eve, so it’ll be wonderful to have a nice stash of festive drawstring bags to tuck gifts in neatly!  Less mess, better for the environment, better for my stress levels, and better for our wallets considering how much of my fabric stash was handed down to me or purchased in the form of thrift store sheets!  (99 cents!)  I’m also pretty confident that with a good process in place, I can make a gift bag almost as fast as I can wrap a gift.

3.  I’m sewing pieces for my winter wardrobe.  We always have a lot of events during the holidays, and my closet is in such a state, that if I want to stay out of the stores, I’ll need to sew a few basic wardrobe pieces for myself.  Nothing fancy.  Mostly some hemming and a couple winter skirts.  The kids are becoming a little more self sufficient, and I’m feeling like I might just be starting to wake up from my frumpy mom phase.  I might even think about looking cute again!  (I know!  Right?!  I thought it’d NEVER get easier!)

So, what are your plans?  Do you have a timeline in mind?  Got a sewing buddy to keep you motivated? Good luck!


P.S.  Just in case you were wondering how my other son’s Halloween costume turned out, here’s the pic.  They were both SO proud of their super hero garb.  They didn’t seem to notice a single imperfection. 🙂