When should you throw away your sewing project?


Halloween’s in two days, and I almost abandoned ship on this one.  The helmet.  The eye holes in the helmet.  I tried cutting them a few different ways.  Tried stitching around them (that just made it worse).  Then I was almost out of the blue fabric, so I had to awkwardly piece together the top of the thing.  It’s just not my best work.

I started thinking of what his pre-K teachers would think at his Halloween party when they pulled out this awkward costume I sped through, attempting to upcycle what are, admittedly, kind of ragged old t-shirts.  I thought about how my son might feel when he sees another Captain America looking like this.  And the project was taking too long.  Way longer than I’d imagined it’d take.

But then my son came home from preschool.  And he was so excited.  I finished the project, for better or for worse.  And Captain America is wearing blue jeans, too.  Because he does that sometimes, right?

IMG_2576 2

But then I look at these pictures and feel the nostalgia that raggedy homemade costumes tend to muster up.  I think about the conversations we’ll have over old photo albums when my kids are teenagers or young adults about how I really might have been a little Pinterest crazy when they were little.  Or maybe they’ll look back and think I was totally awesome at making stuff.  Either way, I’m glad I didn’t throw away that helmet.





I am the girl you don’t necessarily want to have over for board games.  Or maybe you do?  It depends on how you feel about apathy and/or trash talk.

Usually, I hate board games, ESPECIALLY when it’s a new game and you start breaking out that little folded up white sheet.  You somehow enthusiastically start to recite lifeless jargon about players, points, and penalties…

Kill me.

I came to hang out and eat junk food.  Had I known there would be math involved, I would have had “plans” when you called me up.  Those “plans” probably would have involved my bathtub and Pinterest.  (Is there any other place to browse Pinterest?)

But no, you gave me the old bait and switch.  I’m trapped at your house, and 7PM just started to feel REALLY late.  I thinly conceal my apathy and try to figure out how I can at least get the chip dip container closer to my end of the parcheesi board.  (Does parcheesi even have a board?  Who cares?  It sucks!)

But then someone says, “Hey!  This is complicated!  Let’s just play Taboo instead!”  Suddenly, the “Rocky” theme starts to play in the background.  Even the cheese dip looses it’s appeal.  I survey the room and find the alpha male (or female) and prepare to cement my place in the pack.  There’s no math involved here, and I’m out for BLOOD.

I don’t care about sports, I don’t usually care about board games, but I’ve just started a war with my friend, and to me, the stakes have never been higher.  Welcome to our #domesticthrowdown.  We both have a lot of sewing projects to finish up through the fall and then there’s Christmas, so we’ve turned it into a friendly (and by friendly, I mean she better say her prayers) competition.

The rules are simple:  Whichever one of us posts the most completed sewing projects between now and December 25 wins.  There’s no prize so far, but we would consider sponsorship offers.  😉  So far, I’m ahead by one.

You can follow along on Instagram, but this week, I’ve already submitted three entries.  The one at the beginning of this post is for the tooth fairy, since my son has his first loose tooth, then I needed to patch a hole in my 2 year old’s jeans, and, of course, another puppet!  So far, my strategy’s been quantity over quality, but after she posted a MERMAID costume, I’m feeling like I need to do something a little more complex…
IMG_1614 IMG_1646

Now I must get back to sewing.

Happy Monday!

(P.S.  If you liked MY trash talk, you should see what the British said about us today… 😉 )