Playing with Plasti-Dip

So, I have a confession.  Do you remember the unsightly floor register from last week?photo 1-1

You probably assumed the chipping red paint was a leftover eyesore from previous residents.  Confession time:  That was me.  That floor register was our first experiment with spray on plasti-dip.  Did you know many car enthusiasts use it specifically for its ability to easily peel away from metal when needed?  Yeah.  I’m not sure why we thought plasti-dipping a floor vent next to a dining chair would be a good idea.

But, the truth is, something happens on a deeply psychological level when someone gives you a can of sprayable plastic.


This is me on the outside.


This is me on the inside.


So now, I’m trying again, this time on a smaller scale with the pulls on my (severely dated) ceiling fan.  As you can see, I had already given them some sloppy swipes of blue when I painted the walls.  They came with the house, and were originally painted with country/Christmas looking stuff, kind of like this.



I’m thinking on wood, it will be a lot more durable.  It’s actually been about a week, and while I think the color has definitely deepened and dulled a little, the plasti-dip itself seems to be a lot more durable than my last attempt.  The drippy parts are still visible, so if I were to try this again I’d be a little more careful.  All in all, it does add a fun little punch of color to what was once one of the drabber details of my kitchen.  But, truth be told, I probably just need to give in and replace that awful fan.  Eventually.  But for now, a happy little red house and… salt shaker?




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