Working Hard and Hardly Workin’

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My son’s most prized possession in the whole world is his very own Power Wheels Jeep.  He really asked for a blue one, but black is what they had when grandma went shopping.  We assumed the fact that it was HIS VERY OWN JEEP should be enough to make him fall in love with it, black color and all.  He did fall in love with it, but…

Silly us.

All summer he’s continued to ask for a BLUE Jeep.  Even though he has a black one.  “But it’s not blue!”

Being the genius, bloggy DIYer I am, I said, “Okay, how about this:  How about we PAINT your Jeep blue?  Do you want it dark blue or sparkly light blue?”

I don’t know why I added “sparkly” to “light blue”.

“I want it sparkly light blue like Elsa’s dress!”  We’ve only ever watched Frozen once in this house, and he didn’t even like it.   Now, I’m on looking for a very masculine sparkly light blue “like Elsa’s dress” paint color that will also adhere to this plastic Jeep.  Folks, I just really DO NOT know how to do this.  I’ve been promising this paint job since May and he won’t let me forget about it.  I’m hoping he’ll at least forget about the “sparkly” part before I take him paint shopping–tomorrow.

So, today, I figured at least we could do some prep work.  Nothing like an adorable miniature car wash to make for a lovely photo op.  Maybe next week I’ll be able to show you guys a sparkly blue Jeep.  In the mean time, I’ll accept prayers and compliments on my adorable little car wash employees.


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