That classic “first day of school” photo…


Nailed it.

This one is only slightly better:


Maybe I’m just a little full of myself, but I like to think I’m an above average photographer (at least among the SAHMs with fancy cameras crowd).  Look at these beautiful shots I got just a few days ago:





Yet, on this, my oldest’s (last) first day of preschool, the very best I have to offer is this:


Is it that I just don’t work well under pressure?  I’m not sure.  I guess it’s just hard to take photos of your children when you are waiting for a bus that’s thirty minutes late and the younger one is trying to eat leaves and rocks and run away to the neighbor’s yard.

"Here, Mom!  These rocks are delicious!"

“Here, Mom! These rocks are delicious!”

Last years photos didn’t turn out much better, so maybe this is a tradition!  Truth is, that first photo is so memorable, and so sums up what parenting usually looks like at my house these days, I really don’t think I’d trade it.  😉  Maybe when the boys are all grown up, they’ll get creative and reenact the scenario for me.

And just like that a new school year begins!  Good luck everybody!



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