The Life and Times of Zoe Zucchini

A very serious and artful self portrait.

A very serious and artful self portrait.

I’m new to gardening, but I do know one thing:  Zucchini are usually harvested before they grow to seven pounds, six ounces.  A friend taught me how to slice, marinate, and grill these giant zucchini as steaks, but this one was even too big for that.  You see, as the squash gets larger, it also starts to get tough.    Before you know it, your summer squash start to act like winter squash, but without the shelf life. Have you learned something new today?  Now, go out and harvest your zucchini before it’s too late!

I, however, did not grow this infant sized organic zucchini.  A dear friend did.  Unlike, me, she is NOT clueless about her garden, and was almost ashamed that this giant had somehow slipped under her radar.  No one wants to see their home grown produce go to waste.  I determined to do something with this thing, for her sake.  No produce left behind!



Did you know you can shred your fresh zucchini now (and for heaven’s sake, use a food processor if you can!), press out the excess moisture, and freeze it in appropriate batches for your favorite zucchini bread recipe?  Yeah.  So simple, I’m not sure it’s even worth blogging.  But, for the record, this was the first time I’ve ever made zucchini muffins, and because of a (hopefully temporary) dietary restriction, it needed to be gluten and dairy free.  If you want to use the same recipe, try it out here.  Everyone loved it.


One thought on “The Life and Times of Zoe Zucchini

  1. Did you know there’s a such thing as gluten free chocolate chip zucchini brownies?

    I hope that changes your life like it did mine. ❤

    Interesting fact: My fingers keep typing zunchinni – I'm not sure why. I know how to spell it. I think maybe I'm trying to invent a new vegetable. 😉

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