On Struggling Through Parenthood

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Earlier this week, the weather was gorgeous, so we went out on the lawn as a family to fly a kite.  It was soul nourishing.

It’s hard to tell from pictures like this, but these days of sticky fingers, tantrums, and meltdowns are hard.  Like, harder than I would ever have believed.  I feel like I’ve been saying, “Let’s just get through these next couple months” since my 18 month old was born.  I’m finally starting to think that maybe it actually won’t get easier any time soon.

The good news is, this life is every bit as beautiful as it is difficult.  I’m at the end of my parenting rope again this week, but I’ve been here frequently.  I pray. I reevaluate my priorities. I try a few new tricks.  We find relief and balance for a little while.  It helps to realize that I’m still learning and growing at this, just like the kids are.

Sometimes my job is to create order and beauty out of the chaos, other times I just need to put away my to-do list so I can discover it.

I recently read this book and this confession and this helpful list.  My husband has been a powerhouse of encouragement through these days, too.  What about you, mama’s?  How do you get up on your down days?


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