Spring Cleaning



I really wanted to do a detailed spring cleaning this year.  I love a super clean house, and I love the idea of giving everything a good scrubbing to make it all shiny and new in the spring.  It’s like a celebration for me.


BUT,  I’ve never actually done a spring cleaning.  Something always comes up and gets in the way.  This year, there were two visits from family, multiple illnesses, and really, just the fact that I haven’t done even the most surface level house cleaning since probably Christmas…  Seriously.  The things that used to be on my daily cleaning schedule now get done once a week… the weekly things more like once a month… the monthly things… Well, you get the idea.  We live in squalor.


A couple weeks ago, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps after realizing I’d never accomplish a list like this one, and turned my attention to the part of our home that was grossing me out the most.  Our couches.

IMG_2337 IMG_2335 IMG_2324 IMG_2269

My children rarely let me accomplish anything that they aren’t the center of, so I tricked them.  Throwing all the cushions and pillows on the floor, I announced, “Today, I am building a bounce house!”  I vacuumed the couch frames while they jumped all around, kicking away dust from the cushions.  Of course, forts would then need to be built and photo ops would need to be taken advantage of, but at the end of the day, my couches felt slightly less like biohazards, and I’d done just enough of a deep cleaning task to feel like I’d participated in the hallowed western tradition.


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