This week…


We’ve had company and been a little sick.  Like most in this part of the country, I’ve been cursing at the groundhog.  But here are the themes that have been on my mind this week(ish).


1.  Our Makeshift Mudroom

Yep.  It’s just four chairs against a wall–one for each of us.  But ask my 4 year old where his special chair is, and he’ll lead you right to it and ask you to hang his coat on it “nicely”.  It might not be like all the adorable mudrooms on Pinterest, but it gives us a place to put our coats and boots and bags and keys and library books and hats and borrowed items and… you get it.  Who needs a mudroom when you have four sturdy chairs?  Maybe next year I’ll make it look more “pinnable”.

2.  Voices

Maybe this is something that comes with being (almost) 30, but I’m beginning to realize that some of the priorities and expectations I’ve set for myself lately are just a result of listening to too much noise.  Advice, cute quotes on Facebook, women’s Bible study books, blogs…  I guess I’m just realizing that while most of that stuff is uplifting and positive and interesting and good and usually TRUE, sometimes I fill my head with so much of it that I don’t really hear GOD’s voice well enough to actually focus on the one or two things He’s actually leading me to focus on at any one time.  #ChristianProblems  I guess I’m working through what I’ll call “internal decluttering”.


3.  15 Minute Meals

So, eMeals was fun, but after a while it started to kind of clash with our particular food preferences.  I still really hate cooking, so I’m approaching this the same way I approach everything that overwhelms me: in a 15 minute time frame.  I’ve started a pin board of 15 Minute Meals, and my friend Stephanie (who brought me the really fancy, not-at-all-15-minute accomplishment pictured above) has taken it upon herself to help me plan, so there’s a start.  If I promise myself that I only have to stay locked up in our tiny kitchen for 15 minutes of prep, that makes cooking seem much more bearable.  I’m setting a timer every time I get ready to cook dinner.  If prep takes more than 15 minutes, the meal gets cut from my Pinterest board.  Sounds like a plan, right?  We’ll see.  *Note:  I’m not likely to become a food blogger any time soon.

So now that that’s all in the books, I’ve got the rest of nap time to try to work on a bloggy little tutorial I’ve dreamed up.  (Hint:  I put a picture of its sibling somewhere on this page!)



4 thoughts on “This week…

  1. Your crockpot can become your best friend. I have a bunch of 5 ingredient or less meals and most of them go in the crockpot. One tip I have learned (but not yet implemented) – – > once you have a recipe you like, make a ‘big’ batch of the spices (store in an empty spice container if you have one) and you just have to sprinkle the pre-mixed spices instead of dragging them all out again. cooking can be fun, but it can be a drag too. 🙂

  2. Or that could be your niche as a food blogger! I’m sure you could generate a good following on that!

    I bet that tip is how Homemade Gourmet got started (too expensive for me!). I found a meatball recipe that my whole family loves, so I make up a bunch of little baggies of the recipe’s dry herbs and spices and store them in a larger Ziploc – saves a lot of time since I think I counted 10 or 11 little bottles I had to dig out of the cabinet each time (included making Italian breadcrumbs from scratch)! I’ll probably just change to storing it in a jar or something… We go through way too many baggies already.

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