15 Minute Fashions: The Lucky Dolman Top

Introducing a new series today!  (Yay!) It’s nothing fancy, just, as I work on my sewing projects, I’ll be taking pictures of my progress at 15 minute increments.

Here’s why:  I LOVE to sew, but it can become something of an all-consuming passion.  I’ve set up a corner of our bedroom for my sewing projects, and I’m hoping, through this exercise, to train myself to bounce in and out of a project in 15 minute increments.  There are so many cute projects I think I don’t have time for, but broken up into manageable bits throughout the week, I could probably make myself a new dress every week–and STILL keep the kids and hubby happy!

And if I can do it, you can do!


Today’s 15 minute fashion is a Dolman style top, based on THIS tutorial from Make it and Love it!  On Thursday, I realized I had nothing green to wear to Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day events, but I DID have a few yards of green jersey knit fabric.


15 minutes of cutting


15 minutes sewing the shoulder and side seems.


15 minutes working with the bottom band


That’s just 45 minutes and it’s already taking shape!


15 minutes attaching the sleeve cuffs


15 minutes working with the collar.  I did NOT get this part right.  Should have used a smaller piece of fabric.  But I learned!


And in that total of 1 hour and 15 minutes, my St. Patties Day shirt is done!

But then I got to thinking… I’d accidentally made the shirt a LOT bigger than it needed to be, and I’d styled the sleeves to be almost a bat wing style… I kind of looked like I was wearing something from the 80’s.  I started googling pictures of other Dolman tops, and decided I needed to just embrace the 80’s with this piece and add some rad diagonal stripes.  I needed to move this project from basic garment construction to vintage inspired design.  (Yep, I know.  80’s is actually vintage, now…  Let’s all take a moment of silence to stop and feel old…)


So, I got out my masking tape and made some stripes.  (Note:  My hair gets even bigger after sunset.)


Using the tape as my guide, I used this opportunity to practice my skills with the double needle.  I had a few mistakes, but in the end, it looked like this:


!!!!!!!  I’ve been looking down at my stripes all day and every time, they make my heart swoon.


Are you impressed?  I sure am!  No one, so far, has asked me if I made it, so I’ll take that as a good sign!  It’s been a long time since I last donned a homemade garment in public.


This project taught me how NOT to do a knit collar.  (I feel pretty confident my next attempt will show a marked improvement.)  I learned how to use a double needle to make those stripes.  And, it taught me how simple it is to make a Dolman top!  I’ll be keeping my eye out for more knit fabric deals in the future… I’ve thought of several variations I’d love to try!


As for the shirt itself… It’s a little larger than I’d envisioned.  But I’ll probably wear it again, even if it isn’t my most favorite.  It’s super sassy for a St. Pattie’s get together!

All together, I think I LUCKED OUT (get it?) in finding Make it and Love it‘s easy to follow tutorial!  Make sure to head over there             and learn how to whip together your own version!


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