This week…


…I finished my Project Life layout for January 2013, and realized I simply don’t document enough.  Summarizing a whole month of our lives as a family in one 24″ by 12″ space requires a LOT be left on the cutting room floor!  (I’d share the whole layout, but I still haven’t figured out how much privacy I should worry about.  I’m just playing things paranoid for now… You bunch of crazies!)

I’m not ready to take on much more scrapbooking, but it occurs to me that, HELLO, isn’t this kind of what “blogging” is for?  At least, the way I’m trying to approach blogging right now.  The fact is, I won’t be a SAHM forever.  If this place isn’t the most inspirational or full of new ideas, I still, at very least, want to keep it running as an open record that, during my years away from the work force, I was still DOING stuff, and LEARNING stuff, and GROWING as a person.  That’s all.

SO, this week…


After a month of sewing pretty much every night, I switched to working with paper, cutting some filler/journaling cards, and just generally getting ready to start my Project Life album.  I found a pad of printed paper that really made me swoon at Walmart for $5.  My mom sent me some more cards she cut with her Silhouette machine.  The trimmings left me with strips for a paper chain I taped up in the boys room.

I did sew a rounded bunting that said, “routine”, my “one little word” this year.  It was the next project lined up in the Home Ec E-Course I’m taking, but I was iffy about it, at best, and I can tell it’s not my husband’s favorite decoration.  I will probably declutter it soon.  Not everything I make is a winner. 😉


And speaking of routines, when you quit them for a week or so, like we did when we had the stomach bug of the century, they’re hard to pick back up!  I was so glad we had a day nearly in the 60’s so I could head outside for a real jog!  We have an elliptical indoors, but it hardly compares to being out in the sunshine… or in this case, lukewarm drizzle.  But it felt AMAZING!  Only three more months till May, right?

My 15 Days to a Minimalist Home “finished” up (or fizzled out) the last three days of the month.  I can’t even bring myself to go back and update the Facebook page.  This was nothing like the dramatic change the first time I did it.  I just didn’t have nearly as much to get rid of this time around, and having to break up the 15 days in the middle while I took care of other commitments really took the bounce out of my step.  BUT, my home still received the maintenance it needed, so I actually SHOULD call it a success.  Just maybe not so worthy of the hype I put into it beforehand.  Before and after pictures would look nearly identical.  *insert sheepish face*


This week, we waited impatiently while some of our dearest friends were in the hospital for three days before delivering their firstborn.  While I bit my nails, refreshed my Facebook, triple checked my texts, I also had some prayerful time to reconcile with the fact that my own baby-having days are behind me.

As school years are sneaking up on us swiftly, my days staying home full time are numbered.  (See how I’m suddenly stricken by the need to document?)  It’s not that I didn’t know that we’d probably be, (as my husband calls it) “two and through”, but, you know, you think, “Well, who knows?!  We might want another in five years!  We might adopt!  I might stay home and homeschool!  Maybe I’ll come up with my own business and be a work-at-home-mom forever!”  And I guess, while those things COULD still happen, they’re not the most likely in our case.  I think God was using some of the events and conversations surrounding this week to open my heart and mind to the changes that are likely in store for us as little as three or four years down the road!

My heart REALLY NEEDED to be opened, too.  I’ve had an increasingly negative outlook about the future. “Our kids are going to grow up and then we’ll be old and then all that’s good about life will be OVER, before we’re even 50!”  Even though it’s a while yet before anything in our lives start changing, I needed to IMMEDIATELY replace these unhealthy thoughts with the facts:  The next chapter of our lives is RIPE with possibility.

Believe me, I’m in no hurry, but fact is, in as little as 3 or 4 years, I might start taking steps to have a career!  We’ll be ready to move out of our apartment into a house.  We’ll, once again, enjoy some of the perks of the lifestyle we had before I quit my job and had kids.  There were definitely some perks.

People talk about this or that being their “dream”, and being a SAHM was mine.  I’ve been living it for four years and counting.  It might sound silly, but every sleep deprived, barefoot step over paths of stale Aldi cheerios has been everything I hoped it would be and more.  But, when it comes to dreams, why have just one?  I never want to cling so tightly to one dream, that I miss out if God calls me to a new one.

SHEW!  Okay!  That last segment was deep.  But that’s been my week!  Let’s do this again soon!  COMING UP: I got an award from a friend that compels me to plug all the blogs I love to read, and next week, I’m supposedly going back on Slim-Fast!  YIKES!



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