Time to Show Off! #handmadeholidays

Hey folks!  I sewed up a storm for Christmas 2012, and did pretty well for myself,  I think.  Now that everyone’s received their gifts, I get to do the fun part and say, “HEY!  LOOK WHAT I DID!!!!!”

IMG_4354 IMG_4355

The boys got these simple felt puppets!  As far as sewing goes, these are SUCH a rewarding project.  They don’t have to look professional at all.  They’re made of super inexpensive felt rectangles you can get at Walmart .  But, they have SO much personality!  And the boys ADORE them!  Those kids usually aren’t impressed by anything without wheels, but I catch my three year old pulling these out daily.  (And my 15 month old chewing on them daily.)

To make them, I chose a simple puppet outline, and just got inventive with whatever characters I felt I could put together.  I stitched it all together with my machine, pretty sloppily, but i think the shabbiness adds to the charm.  I’m going to try to add new characters for birthdays, Valentines, and all the gifty holidays as a little bonus this year!




And, my aunt loves hippos, so I made one to send to her, too!



My mom is into fitness, so for her birthday, I appliquéd this cute “sweat towel” for her.  She says she’ll never use it.  It’s too pretty.  But at least it will look adorable draped over her weight bench!

IMG_3803 IMG_3804

And this patchwork wallet matches it!  This was her Christmas present.  They fall close to the same day.  (Pattern from HERE.)

IMG_3723IMG_3797 IMG_3796 IMG_3798

This year was the year of adorable little purse kleenex holders, too.  These whip up SO easily.  (Pattern HERE.)

I bundled them with little packets of Emergen-C for teacher gifts.  I appliqued one with a mustache on it for a teen’s birthday gift.  I gave them as Christmas presents to my four nieces of various ages.  I even stashed a couple in my coat pockets for a funeral to hand to pass off to weary friends.  They’re the easiest thing to make, but I think they really pack a punch in adorableness.


I really got into appliqué.  There’s not a ton of Pete the Cat merchandise out there yet, so I pulled this together for my boy!  Note, I did not attempt his shoes, but we got Pete the Cat’s Four Groovy Buttons for Christmas, so I might add those!

IMG_3720 IMG_3716

I made these wallets without a pattern.  They’re awesome.


Stephanie taught me how to make jar candles!  That was simple and they turned out adorable!



And finally, I decorated this plain fleece scarf for my sister-in-law’s birthday!  Recognize that argyle felt?  It was leftover from the picture garland that’s hanging on my walls!

What did you make?  Put a link in the comments if you blogged about it!


6 thoughts on “Time to Show Off! #handmadeholidays

  1. Not pictured is an awesome handmade, bound journal. I will say that it is Daddo’s favorite gift! Maybe I’ll get one someday as well. (hint) 🙂

  2. So, yeah, everything is pretty awesome The puppets are absolutely adorable! I am actually really jealous of your craftsmanship… wish I had the motivation!!!

    • Thanks Grace! For motivation, I had a buddy, and through the month of November and we made weekly crafting dates… Sometimes staying up all night! It was exhausting, but I would TOTALLY do it all over again!

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