15 Days to a Minimalist Home


Well, I plan to start this tomorrow, so I suppose I should kind of outline what’s happening for my friends and family that are following along!

Last June (right? Was it June?), I decided to take a couple weeks and indulge my fancy and try to make my home “minimalist”.  With my husband on board and a 15 day timeline, we went absolutely nuts, literally cutting the number of possessions we owned IN HALF!  It was a whirlwind.  My husband was taking full carloads to the thrift store every day.  It gave us a clean fresh start, and we loved it! 

In fact, we loved it so much, we’re doing it again!

I told this to my newlywed niece a few weeks ago.  She tilted her head, scanned my living room briefly and said, “What else could you possibly get rid of?!”

But really, I’m not THAT minimalist.  Not compared to people who really blog about this stuff. I just like to keep clutter at bay, and, as a lover of thrift stores, I don’t see much use in storing things I rarely use.  If I’m fairly certain I won’t use it within a calendar year, I donate or sell it.  Almost all the things I used to keep around “just in case” could be easily be borrowed from a friend, or thrifted for less than two or three dollars.

I still keep a few special collections.  I still like to decorate.  I still have some totes in my garage.  It’s really just that I love to declutter.

So, the next fifteen days will go like this for me:

  1. Three days spent in the kitchen. (So meal prep and cleanup will get easier right off the bat!)
  2. Three days spent on clothing. (Don’t you agree this task deserves its own category?)
  3. Three days spent in the bathroom and laundry room. (This is one room in my house)
  4. Three days spent on the bedrooms. (MUCH easier when you’ve already tackled everyone’s clothing!)
  5. Three days spent in the living room/family room.  (In my home, this encompasses the home office and craft space.)

I won’t really be “organizing” anything or worrying about cleaning much, unless I find I have extra time in that space.  These 15 days are just for purging.  The time limit and spacing of the categories keeps the project from getting overwhelming, and it keeps the piles of donations from sitting in my house.  It also prevents me from obsessing too long on any one pile!

I’m not sure how much time each day I’ll be dedicating to this project.  Hopefully at least an hour a day, just to make sure I make an impact, but don’t let that keep you from following along if you need to do much more or much less!  This Facebook page is just for fun, but I’ll be sharing pics, and tips, as I think of them!  Hopefully, I’ll see some of you there!  (Don’t forget to hit the “Like” button!)

Good luck!



2 thoughts on “15 Days to a Minimalist Home

  1. Oh dear, now you’ve got me thinking of what I can get rid of. It doesn’t help (or maybe I should say it does?) that I’ve already been catching myself eyeing things around the house and pondering what could be decluttered. Maybe this is just the push I need to get moving on that! 🙂

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