One Little Word and Three Big Projects

Say what you will about New Years’ Resolutions, goal setting is just. plain. fun!


This year, instead of making a long list. I’ve decided to keep it simple and choose “one little word” to focus on for the year (an idea I’m borrowing from here, and here), and then three new projects to kick 2013 off right!

My one little word?


I stay home with my kids. I make my own schedule. (Well, my 15 month old actually does, but…) I can stay in pajamas and watch “24” reruns all day one day, and slave in the kitchen making Pinterest meals all day the next. I’m also maybe kinda sorta prone to flights of fancy and/or boredom, so well… I need to spend less time worrying about pounds lost or closets organized, and more time cementing simple, predictable routines in my life.

I’ve made lots of progress in this area over the years, (Thank you, FlyLady!!!) but the baby’s a toddler now, opening up great opportunity to regain some of the ground I lost during his sleepless, chaotic first year! I am so excited to refocus! I’ll talk more about what this looks like as the year moves on, and how it embodies pretty much every other New Years goal I would make, but first I’ve got to tackle three big projects:

1. Scrapbooking every month. We have a total of ZERO family albums in our home, so I am SO excited about this! I’ll be trying my hand at a Project Life album, (another idea borrowed from here) and in my case, filling out one layout per month! Can’t wait to share my progress!

2. Taking a sewing e-course. It’s not like I don’t know my way around a sewing machine, but some of those little professional touches have always eluded me! I can’t wait to go back, review the basics, and really give myself a well rounded foundation. And then there’s also the fact that I TOTALLY WON IT!!! For free!!! I never win anything, so I’m going to take my time and savor the lessons! This year, I cranked out a lot of the typical homemade birthday and Christmas gifts, so now I’m looking forward to slowing down, learning new details, and really making myself some beautiful things!

3. Another “15 Days to a Minimalist Home”! I created and followed this quick decluttering process last spring, but never really got around to blogging it. It’s really simple and the word “Minimalist” is WIDE open to interpretation in this case! (I just think it’s more fun to give something an extreme label!) My husband loved that we had a 15 day deadline, and following a plan made our efforts that much more efficient. My 15 days starts January 5 and ends the 19! Just for fun, I’m starting a Facebook page for anybody that wants to join along. I’ll share more details in my next blog post, but I just can’t wait to get a clean fresh start on the house after the holidays!


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