My 2012

Tonight, I’m enjoying a quiet New Years Eve at my parents house. My husband is playing guitar. My kids are fast asleep in my childhood bedroom. My dad just brought me a bowl of my favorite home cooked popcorn. I couldn’t think of a better way to reflect on the past year and turn the calendar page!


The spring of this year was a big sleep deprived mess. Well, most of this year was. I just kept waiting to find the point where life with Baby Bruce would normalize. I started getting sleep again some time this fall.

But it was also a great year for trying new things, and learning more about my style. We watched “Forks Over Knives” and went vegan for a while. My husband and I discovered our mutual love for vintage and thrift shopping. I took several months away from Facebook and blogging. We framed our home in a certain flavor of minimalism that we continue to embrace.

2012 was the year the Fifes decided to go ahead and embrace some of our more “hipsterish” leanings, and that was very good.


In the summer, we had the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time away from home. We spent about half of it touring around to see family, and the other half on our first vacation as our own little family. All together we were gone for 3 weeks to 9 states.

I don’t talk about religion much here, but this trip seemed to be “a God thing” for us in every way. We weren’t expecting to get so much time away. We weren’t expecting it to fit into our budget. But everything just worked! I have a few people in my life that seem to experience these kind of “God breezes” regularly, but this was really unusual for us. The theme of “grace” emerged over and over, and we basically still feel that the whole point of our trip was to show us a huge blind spot we both had about the depth of God’s forgiveness and approval. We read books and had conversations that drastically, permanently changed the way I view my relationship with God.

2012. The year God gave us a whole vacation just to teach us about grace.


In the fall, I sent Captain America off to preschool for the first time. Baby Bruce turned 1 and started sleeping all night. We lost some weight then got derailed by an unpredictable October and November. Many of December’s plans were thrown off by two straight weeks of stomach bugs and fevers!

2012 was a year of learning to plan for the unplanned!


2012 was a difficult year because of the age and spacing of our kids, and because of the sleeplessness and worries and joys and disappointments that come at this stage.

But, 2012 was a year of stumbling my way into personal growth, and if I could learn as much in 2013 as I feel I did in 2012, then this is going to be a fantastic year!

Happy New Years, everybody!



5 thoughts on “My 2012

  1. Just re-read this post and realized that as soon as they read the word “unplanned” everybody’s going to think I’m pregnant! Just thought I’d stop and clarify that I’m DEFINITELY NOT!

    Don’t even go there!!!

  2. You have a BEAUTIFUL family.
    It sounds like you had a pretty good year, I hope that 2013 is even better for you!!!! Love how you described your family trip as a “God thing” – it sounds like the perfect 3 weeks. 🙂

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