My DIY Command Center




As we’re looking toward a new year, I thought I’d share my DIY “Command Center”/wall calendar.

I started on this project in late summer, originally looking to fill this wall with art. At some point it occurred to me that our dining table is also our home office/crafting space, so, why not just treat it that way?! I currently have bookshelves flanking the sides, but, with Christmas travel on the agenda, pics of my updated setup will have to wait!

I made my own calendar template, (which, I’ll gladly post when I get home–if there’s any interest) and just “sprinkled” it with paint chips on important dates. I framed everything in these minimalist document frames from Walmart, and I mark the whole thing up with dry erase!


It’s such a simple way to use a wall. We sat down in front of it Christmas night to think up our hopes and dreams for 2013, and I realized it’s quickly becoming a favorite feature in my home!


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