12 Days of Blessing Marcus

ONE Extreme Room Makeover

So a couple months ago while browsing Pinterest, I found some fun inspiration from Allyson @ All Our Days.  In her post, she outlines a plan for gifting her husband every day for the twelve days leading up to Christmas.  (Technically, this is not when the actual “12 Days of Christmas” occur, and she admits that, but seriously, who wants to wait till AFTER Christmas, when half the country’s already put away the tree and joined the gym?)

The idea is simple, every day, you leave your love a sweet little gift corresponding with the number of the day–just like the song. So, yeah, a total of 78 gifts, but there’s all kinds of ways you can cheat to make this fit within your budget.  For example, on Day Two, I gave him “Two Empty Trash Cans” because I took the trash out so he wouldn’t have to.
TWO Empty Trash Cans  (This is real romance, people)

THREE packets of cocoa for your coffee!

But let me just level with you, here:  We barely do Christmas for each other most years.  It’s the budget, it’s the kids, it’s life sucking the romance out of us… and it’s also sharing the same paycheck.  I mean… We own all the same money.  What’s he going to get me that I don’t already technically have access to, and vice versa?

So, this year, I wanted to treat him to something special.  He works INCREDIBLY hard during the Christmas season…  I’m hoping this week and a half of surprises will be just enough to push him through the home stretch!

FIVE Treats to Share at the Office  (I opted for baggies of chocolate dipped potato chips!)

FIVE Treats to Share at the Office (I opted for baggies of chocolate dipped potato chips! Pretty, right?)

SIX hours without the kids.  (We didn't end up staying out near that late, but it was nice that we didn't have to rush!)

SIX hours without the kids. (We didn’t end up staying out near that late, but it was nice that we didn’t have to rush!)

Yeah, it’s cheesy, but I’ve been getting so into it.  Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • ONE Extreme Room Makeover!
    Our bedroom was a mess, and unorganized and junky.  He was working late this night, so I put the kids in bed early, rearranged the room, and gave it some fresh decorations, some new mood lighting… all stuff I already had around the house, but it made a big impact.  Especially when I printed out a bunch of adorable couple pictures and tacked them all over the walls!  Sentimental!!!
  • TWO Empty Trash Cans!
  • THREE Packets of Cocoa for your Coffee!
    We love coffee cocoa!  I put it in a cute, Christmasy to-go mug for him, too, since he was leaving for a long day at work.
  • FOUR New Razors!
    This was totally filler.  They were disposable razors in a pack of four and I figured it would be kind of a dud, but I guess he really needed new razors, because when he found them in the bathroom, I heard him go “YES!” and immediately start shaving his face.  It’s the little things, I guess! LOL
  • FIVE Treats to Share at the Office!
    He is one of five staff members at his workplace, and someone usually passes out baked goods, so I thought this would make sense.  The note DID include the option NOT to share, if he preferred.  But he’s a sweet guy.  He shared. 😉
  • SIX Hours without the Kids!
    We hadn’t had such a long evening to ourselves in ages, and a date night we’d planned earlier this month ended up being canceled!  To make sure he’d be available, I asked him if he’d mind watching the kids for a girls night out, and locked it down on both our calendars.  He was so surprised!  This was the biggest present by far.
  • SEVEN Chillaxin’ Christmas Songs!
    My husband is a musician, so making him a “mix tape” is way more challenging than you’d think.  I tried to pick songs that were quirky or new or unusual or reminded me of him in some way.  I posted the playlist HERE.And I can’t tell the rest, because I don’t want to ruin any upcoming surprises!

But it’s been a DELIGHT, and frankly, I might be am totally enjoying it even more than he is!

On our date night, with a bag of cheesecake!  YUM!

On our date night, with a bag of cheesecake! YUM!


6 thoughts on “12 Days of Blessing Marcus

    • You’re welcome, Allyson! It was a fabulous idea! I never would have attempted it had you not shared all the budget-friendly, considerate things you did for your man! My favorite was the one about ironing his shirts! Too cute!

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