Off Facebook.

So, I’ve been off Facebook for like two months now.  I was SERIOUSLY addicted, so people ask me why I would leave.  Well, frankly, I don’t want to tell them it’s because I was SERIOUSLY addicted.  I usually say something else that’s equally as true:

  • I get too emotionally involved in what people say on Facebook… “I might come back after the election.”
  • Facebook makes me angry about stuff that really doesn’t matter. (see above)
  • Facebook brings out a side of me I don’t like… the side of me that likes to look up old acquaintances and make fun of the white trash stuff they’re posting… the side of me that’s constantly freaked out that my old acquaintances are doing the same thing to me… the side of me that unfriends old acquaintances.
  • I’ve been on Facebook for a really long time.  It’s been a huge part of my day to day life.  I don’t remember what I’m like without it!

I just watched Facebook’s new television ad.  They compare Facebook to a chair.  I know, that sounds stupid, but it kind of makes sense when you watch it:

Now, my friends that have already jumped ship on the whole Facebook thing are quick to argue that this whole video is full of people hanging out in real life, and that Facebook is creating a culture that discourages those sort of things, but I’m not sure if that’s true.  In the two months I’ve been off Facebook, I haven’t noticed that I hang out more IRL than I did before.  I have noticed that I’ve spent more time investing in friendships with the folks that haven’t been on Facebook as much.  I read about this study on friendship recently.  It turns out, people are way more likely to build friendships with those that are most accessible, regardless of common interests or personality traits.  (For example, in college, you’re much more likely to spend time with people on your own dorm wing even though the girl across campus is into all the same niche interests.) So, it makes sense that while I’m on Facebook, I’m more likely to invest in mostly just my friends that are on there, rather than the ones who are not.  As far as friendships go, being off Facebook has just kind of leveled the playing field for the folks in my life that are less into social networking, and that’s not a bad thing.  People that aren’t into social networking, it turns out, are often a pretty advanced breed of people.  I’m glad I’m spending more time with them.

But, honestly, I kind of agree with the ad.  Facebook really is just a tool we use for our friendships.  Like a chair, a dance floor, or a telephone. It’s really just about using it properly.  I don’t think its fair to demonize innovation.

From the get-go, I’ve said that I only deactivated my account, and I’ll probably be back… eventually.

However, I can’t quite bring myself to go back.  At least not yet.  I feel like I’m a slightly (very slightly) better person without “the Facebook”, and maybe if I just stay off long enough, I’ll actually turn into the super cool girl I try to convince my Facebook friends (and blog followers) that I actually am.

But, I’ll probably jump back on…  I mean.  I miss the “Like”s.  I REALLY miss the “Like”s!


2 thoughts on “Off Facebook.

  1. So, about a month ago I looked for you on Facebook, not because I know you, but because I found this blog and I wanted to tell you that I LOVE it and that you should start blogging again – and also ask if you’re now blogging somewhere else because if you are I WANT IN!!!:) Totally respect the no facebook thing – I get it. I took that plunge a few years ago for awhile – it was really good for me.

    • Hey Sarah! That is so super sweet! Actually, I just reactivated my Facebook account a couple days ago. (Had to find someone’s birthday! LOL) So it’s up, but my friends are telling me it’s still a little wonkey. Some things show up, some things don’t. Now that I’ve gone without it so long, I’m still not sure if I want to jump back in full force again.

      But, I do like the idea of blogging a little more often. I’ve been doing some nifty crafts lately, and I should probably share some of them, either here or on 4SmartyPants. We’ll see!

      But anyway, that comment means a lot to me. Really! Thank you!

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