Episode V: The Coffee Strikes Back

Coffee and I weren’t getting along well yesterday.  At church, during the sermon, I grabbed a quick foam cup, stuck the lid on, not so well.  When I lifted the cup to my lips, splash!  Burnt my bottom lip and spilt coffee all down the front of my shirt.  My white shirt.  Did I mention I had to be on the stage in 5 minutes to play drums?  I borrowed a buddy’s hoodie and went on with my day.  I don’t get embarrassed too easily.

After lunch, I needed to spend some time planning out my week.  I went to McDonalds, (because I’m too cheap for Starbucks) pick up my black coffee from the counter, turn towards my favorite booth, and immediately spill the whole coffee all over the floor.  Two other customers were sitting at tables right in front of me.  Both stared at me blankly.  I dropped two napkins on the mess, as if that was in any way helpful.  I turned back to the counter where the high school aged boy had already turned his attention to another customer.  As soon as they were finished with their order, I said, “Excuse me… I’m SO so sorry, but I just spilled that whole coffee all over the floor.  I was actually surprised at how sympathetic the, to that point, fairly apathetic teen was to my plight.

“It’s NO PROBLEM, ma’am.  Just let me get a mop.”

“Wait,” I interjected with defeat. “I’m, um, also, going to need to order another medium coffee.”

“Hold on, don’t worry.  I’ll just give you a refill!”

I don’t embarrass easily, but yeah, by this time, I was embarrassed.  I sunk into the furthest booth with my fresh coffee and finished up my work, sneaking out without making much more eye contact with anyone.

I returned home just in time for us to leave again, this time as a family, to attend a friend’s birthday party.  While we scrambled to get our kids shoes and coats on, I recounted my embarrassing moment to my husband.  He laughed, but then snuck a glance at me and said, “Did you want to change clothes before we head out?”

Yep.  I was still wearing the coffee stained shirt from church.


No wonder the McDonalds cashier was so sympathetic.

I was offered another mug at the birthday party.

I declined.


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