Really Rough Sketches

Hey guys!  My birthday was this month, and one of my presents was a fabulous Wacom Bamboo tablet.  I LOVE this new gadget!  Essentially, I plug it into my computer, and it works just like a pencil and paper.  It actually even FEELS like pencil on paper!  Now I can DOODLE!

I got it mostly because I wanted to add handwriting to photos and my blog, but once upon a time, I thought of myself as an artist.  I’ve met too many real artists to have those delusions any more, but I’m still a better sketcher than the average bear!  Look at that girl above!  Though she looks almost nothing like me, she did manage to get nearly the same haircut and expression as my Facebook profile!

And check out this sloppy sketch of one of my favorite bloggers, Katie, over at Skunkboy Creatures.  Can you believe she’s a thirty year old homeschooling mother of two?!  She’s just so hip, and frankly, too dang pretty for real life.

I still have a lot of dust to shake off, but I love playing with my new Bamboo and Sketchbook Pro on my Macbook!  Happy Birthday to me!!!


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