Bent out of shape over Bentos!

I’m going to admit it right now, I’ve got a great big crush on the bento lunch box trend!  Here’s just a few gorgeous samples from the interwebs:

Bento lunches come in all shapes and sizes, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to participate in the craze.

  1. Get a lunchbox.
  2. Section off your foods.
  3. Get crazy nutso artsy with it!

Before you know it, you’ve been up till 3AM obsessing over the position of your toddler’s juice box.

I hate to be that girl that gets all dorky about her new lunchbox… but guess what I’m getting????

In the technical sense, these “Goodbyn” lunch boxes are a form of bento.  These are actually for my husband and myself to help us with a little project we’re working on.  They make a smaller, even more juvenile looking version for toddlers that I’m dreaming of for my preschooler in the fall.  But, for now, we just ordered some of these, and we’ll be checking our mail with anticipation every day until they come in!  Isn’t it fun to look forward to getting something new?  Especially something a bit unusual… like a lunchbox with ears?

I even dug up a deserted blog devoted exclusively to the Goodbyn!  Come back Goodbyn Girls!  You quit posting a year too early!  I was so impressed at the way you packed yogurt in the bottom compartments.

Time will tell if these will pay for themselves in the form of the snack baggies and single serving yogurts I’ll stop buying.  Hopefully by next week, I’ll have them in hand to offer you a review.

P.S.  Mine’s the BLUE one!!!  EEEEE!!! I’m so excited!  (and such a dork!)


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