Introducing a New Feature: The Waste-Not Wardrobe

I found it serendipitous that I ran across this editorial on The Etsy Blog today, just as I was thinking about how I would kickstart this new feature.  This piece shares some shocking statistics.  Did you know:

“…Americans only keep 21 percent of the clothing we buy each year. The facts are astonishing: not only does America export the majority of its donated clothing, we simply can’t reabsorb the amount of clothing we give away. We have an overwhelming excess of garments…    …If every clothing manufacturer in the U.S. shuttered today, it’s not farfetched to believe that we’d still be able to clothe every person in the country for several years.”

Winter’s coming to a close, and as I look in my closet on a hot day like today, I haven’t a thing to wear!  The funny thing is, my closet is FULL!  But nothing goes together.  I don’t have the pants to go with that shirt.  I don’t have any shoes to go with that dress.  I love the way this outfit looks, but I’ll be miserable trying to keep all the pieces in place while I lug around a diaper bag, an infant, and a toddler.

Even as someone that takes a fairly minimalist approach to my clothing needs, that 21% figure rings more than true for me!  Sure, every season you should pick up a few new things, but I always find myself back here again, with “nothing to wear”, and all the previous year’s items in the ruined or giveaway pile.  Once again, I find myself with an unquenchable thirst for retail therapy, but THIS time, I’m determined not to buy more “disposable” clothing!

As a part of my quest to reduce wastefulness, I want to develop a closet full of COMFORTABLE items I can MIX and MATCH, that I’ll WEAR OFTEN, that REFLECT MY PERSONALITY, and that I’ll FEEL PRETTY WEARING!!!  And, oh yeah, all this on a typical SAHM budget.

I’m so excited about this feature, and I hope you’ll join me through a few closet missions, shopping trips, and, of course, some cute DIY projects!  We are going to look so good at the end of this series, and we’ll have made some wise purchasing decisions that we won’t have to feel even a little guilty about!

The first mission starts Saturday, so get caught up on your laundry and meet me back here then!


2 thoughts on “Introducing a New Feature: The Waste-Not Wardrobe

  1. Good for you! This is so not me. Last winter I had two sweaters. They were cute, from thrift shops and I wore them constantly. So much so that this fall I haven’t been able to bring myself to wear them again. So, I reluctantly went shopping at my favorite (Hospice) thrift shop. I found 7 sweaters, 5 pants (I was down to 2) and 2 sleeveless knit tops (to be worn with cardigans (love layers!) all for $38. I’m set for several years now. It takes awhile for them to all shrink, fade, get stained, snagged, etc until I’m down to a pitiful number again like last year. I’m amazed at the prices of new clothes when there are such cute things in the thrift shops. I wear 100% of my clothes (mostly because I really don’t like shopping). Great post about not wasting!

    • Thanks Lou! It sounds like you’re my hero! It’s funny: that post is from some months ago, and, right now, I have no idea what I’ll wear tomorrow! My weight has been changing (generally in a favorable direction), so I’ve got to pull something inexpensive together to get me through winter! A friend just reminded me about New Dress A Day. It’s a blog where this girl challenged herself to create a new garment from thrifted clothes every day for a year, using only $1 per day. Lots of fun inspiration, a lot of it is even no-sew, so, if you haven’t heard of her, you might check it out! It’s just fun!

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