How to Get a Man!

On this day, a long time ago, my husband was born.  18 years later, the two of us met.  A year and a half later, we decided we were a “thing”, and today we’ve been SO happily married for nearly 7 years!

In honor of him (the coolest, funniest, kindest, most talented, and sexiest man I’ve ever known), here’s a few tips for my single readers on how to get a great guy!

I realize this isn’t the typical content for the.happy.homester, and I hope it doesn’t come across as pretentious, but EVERY DAY I’m grateful that I married the man I did!  I really just have God to thank that I didn’t totally screw it up along the way, but if I did anything right, I think it was this:

  1. Pick somebody.  Don’t just wait around and hope somebody cute will be into you, the world is full of great fellas!  Go pick a winner before some other girl does!  If you’re religious, pray about it, but then be proactive!  It’s NOT that big of a deal!  Flirt, then ask him out!  If he thinks you’re a freak and says no, you’ll be embarrassed, but then it will be done with and you can move on.  Okay, I didn’t actually ask Marcus out, because I was just too shy, but I wooed him as passive aggressively as my bashful personality would allow!  😉  He knew I was into him.
  2. Pick somebody that’s kind.  Don’t go for a bad boy.  I know you’re attracted to that confidence and assertiveness, but seriously.  Don’t.  Go for somebody that’s known to have a big heart.  Every guy has his flaws, but kindness really trumps all in the end!  And if you’re dating a guy that’s unkind… Why?
  3. Give it some time.  Despite all the “honeymoon” hype, I think the first year of marriage is the hardest for most people, and the same goes for the first couple months of dating in a way.  If you’re looking for something that lasts, there’s definitely a learning curve in how you interact with the person, especially when you’re first dating.  It can take a little while to let the walls down and really get to know each other.  If you pick someone, and pick someone that’s kind, it’s worth spending a few months to give the guy a fighting chance!

There you go, single ladies!

If this inspires you to ask a nice young man out, tell me how it goes!

Best of luck!


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