Inside my Laundry Closet!

Now, to wrap up this week’s series on laundry, a peek inside my closet!

In our apartment, the washer/dryer hookups are inside a large closet in our bathroom.  I love this arrangement, because dirty clothes can go straight into the washing machine, when my kids or myself find ourselves in a huge mess!  This came in especially handy last night when I was nursing the baby, and my three year old walked up to us, and without warning, projectile vomited all over!  What can you do?!

Here’s a few things that make my closet special:

  •  I keep baskets for sorting my lights, colors, and darks on the top shelf.  That’s a pretty recent development, and it might change as I recently dropped one of these right on my face!  Talk about seeing stars!  I’ve even got a bruise on my nose to remind me to be more careful next time!
  • I keep my cute wicker basket on top of the dryer to collect clean items when the dryer is done.  This makes a nice receptacle for clothes I intend to recycle.  Nothing like having a place right beside the shower for that pair of jeans that always fits better on the second day!
  • Last night, when the sickness just wouldn’t quit, I was especially thankful for the three mesh folding baskets I keep tucked on the side of the washing machine!  They’re also nice when I just get way behind on the washing!

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!  If you missed the rest of my laundry series, you can check out the other ones here and here!

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Inside my Laundry Closet!

  1. Love the collapsing mesh laundry idea! came across your site when doing a google image search for laundry closets. I put a white plastic wall hanging basket on my sidewall to put rags in.

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