Put a Laundry Table in Your Closet

Since I’ve already started talking a little bit about my laundry habits, I figured it couldn’t hurt to turn this into a little feature series.  Step into my closet for a few minutes.  Here’s where I usually fold my clothes these days:

We are very blessed to have an apartment with convenient washer dryer hook ups, but if there is ANYTHING you can like about the laundry mat, it’s those spacious, counter-height tables that make for such convenient folding!

When I realized it was no longer useful in my kitchen, I decided to try this simple little breakfast nook in our walk in closet. Perfect fit!  And it’s just the right height for folding and ironing clothes!  (I just iron over a quilt or a towel.)  I moved our shoes out of that shoe organizer (that we hardly used anyway) and onto the floor, but I may decide to keep using it for belts and scarves and things.

The beauty of folding in our closet is that half the items can be put away right there!  Its a great set up for us right now!

Now, get out of my closet!  It’s crowed in here!  Share your favorite laundry tip in the comments and tune in Saturday where I’ll show you my actual laundry “room”!


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