Walmart Wears: $5 Southwestern Dress

I know I’m not the only one, but I am ADDICTED to shopping the clearance racks of the Walmart.  That’s right!  Not the Target, the Walmart!  You can get a cute dress or blouse on Target’s clearance rack for around $10, but at Walmart, we start entering the realm of $5, $3, and even $2 garments that, unlike the stereotypes, can actually be pretty dang stylish and comfy!  In my opinion, Walmart is the best kept secret in discount fashion!

If you admire this little number from, you’ll love what I wore out today!

As a rule, my kids cooperate just so long while their Dad snaps photos of me!  Sure, kid!  You might as well pose in the photo shoot, too!

This outfit was a bit of a risk for me as the shortest skirt I’ve worn in about 10 years!  The good news is that dark tights forgive when it comes to skirt lengths!  I should have ditched the jacket for a pic so you could see the cute sleeves on this baby!

Here’s a little secret between you and me:  I think this dress was meant to be a plus sized tunic.  I purchased a black one in the same style and branding in a regular (non-plus) size.  It’s obviously a slimmer fit, but the “skirt” is then THREE INCHES shorter!  Stay tuned while I figure out how to lengthen that puppy!  Momma wants a new LBD!


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