Kinect on your Shopping Cart!

I love shopping, and I love my X-Box Kinect.   So, holy cow, I cannot wait for THIS technology to spread!!!

This Kinect powered shopping cart, literally follows you through the store, recognizes your products, and allows you to pay right from your cart!  No check out lines!

Even if the only functionality was the self checkout feature, I’d be sold.  I hate interacting with other human beings.  Bring on the distopian robot society!  I’ll be happy!

And, seriously.  As a mom, it would be SO nice to just bring the kiddos in their stroller while our shopping buggy just follows behind us in the store!  Quite a feature for the germ conscious as well as parents of multiples.

I’m too cheap to buy organic, but I’d go to Whole Foods for this!  I just love the future.  Don’t you?


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