What is a Telephone Table, Anyway?

My judgement came into question tonight when I asked my mom to pick up a telephone table that I’d seen in the thrift store earlier.

Mom:  “I don’t see a telephone table here, sweetie…”

Me:  “Are you serious?!  There were two there just yesterday!  Are you sure you’re looking in the right place?”

Mom: “Yep.  No telephone table.  There are a couple end tables here though.”

She then proceeded to describe to me the two “telephone” tables I’d seen in the store the day before.  So, what is a telephone table?  Is this one?

How about this:

My mom thinks a telephone table is this: 

But things like this make me feel like I’m not completely off: 

No matter what the other Etsy sellers are saying, I think telephone tables of any and every form are about to come back in a big way!  I didn’t realize how practical they could be until last night when I was struggling to plug in my laptop and cell phone at my bedside.  My bedside was a wreck with the little round end table I had before.  Enter a telephone table, and I’ve got plenty of space for all my electronics!


And after:

Pretty hefty improvement for less that $5 at the thrift store, right?!  And once cleaned up, it actually looks like it came with our bedroom set!  I really like having two tiers on an end table like this.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for more of these in the future!

*By the way, there’s a story to go with that ugly lamp.  I can’t do anything to the base, but I DESPERATELY need to do something with that shade.  Let me know if you’ve got a great DIY link for that sort of thing.


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