A Celebration of Sweatpants

Okay, who else has found themselves sitting in front of the tv watching Stacy and Clinton ream another poor unkempt woman on “What Not to Wear”, all the while wearing sweatpants, the paint shirt from last year, and a little bit of baby spit up.

Nine days out of ten, I wear my homester uniform of sweatpants, athletic sneakers, a tank top, and a grey hoodie.  When I read a style blog, first I start drooling at all the pretty things, then I look at my walk in closet, where my husband’s side is nearly twice as full as mine and I think “What is wrong with this picture?”   It wasn’t until recently that I actually gave it some real thought and declared:  “NOTHING!”

In last week’s 4SmartyPants post, I offered 10 reasons to love the sweatpants, and frankly, it’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written for them.  I’m tired of thinking, “Oh, I’m a SAHM!  Oh!  I’m so frumpy!  Oh, poor me, I’m losing my ‘Wow’ factor!”  Bologna!!!

So, now, as the baby weight is starting to come off, and I’m starting to put away a few more of the maternity shirts, guess what?  I’m going to love the sweatpants!  I just bought brand new pony tail holders, baby!  I’m going to rock these New Balance like Steve Jobs at an Apple keynote!  And next time I go shirt shopping, I’m making it a priority to ask, “Yeah, but will it look cute with my sweatpants?”

If you’re not convinced, go read my post over HERE, and then I DARE you to tell me my sweatpants are frumpy!  (‘Cause, in a fight, the girl in sweatpants always wins.  It’s science.)


3 thoughts on “A Celebration of Sweatpants

  1. aww, but that show has taught me so much! i suppose i enjoy dressing nice now because my entire pre-motherhood life was one long drawn out fashion disaster. so i finally feel like i have wow factor for the first time in my life, although javen is usually the only one who gives me regular compliments, haha! stacy and clinton have transformed me into a believer, but i do admit i have a long way to go before i can be considered a true fashionista. they helped my mom quit her mom jeans and 90s poofy bangs style too, haha!

  2. I think the most important part is feeling good about yourself. If you feel confident and feel like “yourself” in sweatpants, then you will project that attitude to the world. It’s confidence that is attractive, no matter what you’re wearing!

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