Little Packets of Formula


These little packets came in the mail today, and even though I’m nursing my baby, these are totally going in my diaper bag, along with an empty bottle! You never know…

Full disclosure: I hate almost everything about breastfeeding but the price tag and, of course, the health benefits. This is the second child I’ve nursed. I have no judgement at all on moms that formula feed!

Why do I hate it? Every lactation consultant will tell you it’s not supposed to hurt, but it just does, at least at first. Then it gets a little better for a while. Then you face the perilous biting stage…

And, yes, it’s every woman’s right to feed their infant wherever and whenever they choose, but I don’t like making people feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, my chest is at that size where it’s just awkward to nurse a squirmer without a cozy chair and a Boppy pillow.

Then there’s pumping. Few things feel more dehumanizing to me than hooking myself up like an industrial milk cow!

But, as much as I hate breastfeeding, I adore the pudgy little punkin’ that’s sleeping in the next room. It would break my heart to see him suffer any sort of ailment that may have been prevented through nature’s nourishment. Like generations and generations of moms before me, I’ll endure the inconvenience for these first twelve months.

And, if all else fails, I’ll just try to stay close to my comfy rocking chair and my Boppy as much as possible.


3 thoughts on “Little Packets of Formula

  1. I admire your transparency on this subject. I believe it reflects the sentiments of many nursing moms. It’s true, motherhood includes a host of uncomfortable, inconvenient moments. But one little smile or cozy snuggle makes it all worth it!

  2. I think it very interesting that you hate it, and also that you do it for your baby despite your true feelings. I had just assumed that every woman who breastfed loved it. I love nothing more than BF my little girl, she is sleeping on me and nursing as I write this. The incredible emotional connection, the comforting aspect, the convience (cosleeping and on the go), cost effectiveness, nutritional value make it worth it. I think it’s great that you BF for nutrition and for the benefit of your baby. So many mothers give up so quickly or even chose not to try. I really respect your honesty and wish you the best!

    • Thanks Kiersten! I really appreciate your non-judgemental attitude! My little one is currently 14 months, and would you believe, I’m STILL nursing him once a day?! I thought we’d be done long before the 12 month mark, but he’s a stubborn little guy! We’re working on it bit by bit!

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