A Day in the Life


Lately, I’ve been feeling a little drab.  If there’s one thing I don’t want to turn into, it’s a mom…  And when I say that what I mean is the stereotypical mom.  Sweatpants, grouchy, practical to the point it’s painful, out of touch with the culture… I want to be a great homemaker and a wonderful parent to my children, but I don’t want to lose that youthful, creative, romantic side of myself–the side that first attracted my wonderful husband–the side that first dreamed up this life as a homemaker and mother.

I spend a lot of time browsing the blogs of others because I am so inspired and awed at what beautiful, artsy, and fascinating lives they lead.  I especially come away from my two favorite blogs (A Beautiful Mess and Smile and Wave) wondering what it must be like to lead such lives that look like art!

But then it occurred to me… maybe my life is just as charmed as theirs… could it be that I’m just not noticing it?!  As an experiment, I took yesterday and documented everything with my iPhone camera.  I present to you, a day in my life.  You decide:  boring or beautiful?


I start every morning with coffee, a protein bar, and my newest little munchin.




My older child’s been going through a phase of waking through the night, so he’s been extra tired.  On mornings like these, he’s pleased to wake slowly, in momma’s lap, blankie in tow!


My pal Stephanie (who coincidentally, also writes on 4SmartyPants) often spends mornings in my apartment while her older children are in preschool.  Here she is toting her remaining THREE children up the stairs to my home… I usually help her carry a kid, but today, I documented, instead!


We spent this particular morning trying to stream in news feeds from Knoxville, TN (our old stomping grounds).  The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition bus was rolling through the town, and guess where it stopped???  At the home of one of Stephanie’s college besties!  We are so excited for our friends, Daniel and Mandy Watson!  Read about these tremendously giving people HERE!



My son got an early birthday present in this spring powered bouncy horse.  He’s still warming up to it, but he loves the munching sounds it makes when he offers his pony a carrot!



At lunch time, Stephanie leaves to pick up her kids from preschool, and my husband comes home on lunch break to give me a chance to work out!  Yesterday, I just did some simple strength training.  It was REALLY tough trying to figure out a way to take pictures while I exercised!



Now that the day had come to a lull, I started feeling really tired.  I surveyed my living room to find my toddler had single handedly dissembled my couch.  It’s amazing how overwhelming that felt after the night we’d endured before.  It’s not my typical practice, but I fixed up a SECOND pot of coffee!


It wasn’t long before Paul started acting fussy!  Here I am trying to imitate his grouchy face, when he totally fell asleep in the middle of our photo shoot!


Kid, YOU are going down for a NAP!


Ever look at the clock, realize it’s 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and you haven’t accomplished anything?  At least I can get some laundry done!  Even this activity was interrupted halfway for a dance party with my toddler.  He had a blast, collapsed on the floor, and I finally finished my folding!


By time for supper, I was STARVING!!!  I had planned to make a nice chicken pasta dish, but for the sake of my growling tummy, I chose to whip up a quickie “breakfast for dinner” instead!



After supper, I spent my time reviewing our budget and talking with Marcus about some of our financial goals for 2012.  This was a little too involved to document, so instead I’ll skip to my “before bed” routine!  I pack boxes with our breakfasts, snacks, and lunches for the next day…


And then, tidy up the kitchen!  I love waking up to a fresh start the next morning!


My life may not be as charmed and interesting as some of the bloggers I follow, but it’s sure more charmed and interesting than I thought it was! So how about you?  Feeling like you’re in a rut?  Looking at your life through a camera lens (or smartphone app!) may just change your perspective!   We all have more “Kodak moments” than we realize.  I’d love to see a day in YOUR life!  Take a day, take some pictures, and let me know about!  I’d love to read it, and I’ll link to it here!


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