Use up those scrapbooking supplies!

Lookie what I made!




So, are you like me? Do you have a collection of scrapbooking supplies for that imaginary future when you’ll have the time?

I’m trying to declutter some of my crafting supplies, and I also needed some birthday cards. I am NOT a card maker, but I think what I came up with was pretty cute.

Here’s some tips for folks like me that aren’t interested in a new card making hobby, but do want to put their scraps to good use, save a little money on birthdays, and send out something with a little more personal feel this year:

1. Figure out a cute layout then make as many cards in that design as you can with the supplies you have on hand. Nobody’s handing out prizes for most unique birthday card, and coming up with a different design for everyone you know… Well that’s just impossible in my world! These cards will get me through February, then I can make up a new design that uses up different supplies!

2. Less is more! Try to keep your design to three or four elements. I realize this design is simpler than most, but the card stock I’m using is really fancy with a metallic quality that’s not showing in the pictures. It didn’t need much.

3. Find your envelopes and work from there! Nothing’s worse than making an adorable card and having nothing to send it in! Also, when measuring and cutting my card stock, I find it easiest to first score the fold with a butter knife and ruler, then fold the card and cut it to the desired size! So much easier than trying to do the math!

4. You don’t need gobs of equipment! I did these with two types of scrapbook paper, a paper cutter, glue, scissors, brads, and my printer! Unless this is a huge hobby for you, DON’T BUY STAMPS!!! Do a Google image search for free printable stamps instead! You’re sure to find something that fits the occasion! Also, if you want to totally copy off me, but you have no brads, just use a button instead!

Hope that helps! Now, time to stock up for my 2012!


One thought on “Use up those scrapbooking supplies!

  1. Brilliant! I love the cards and the whole idea. And I agree. Don’t buy stamps. I haven’t found them to be worth the time or the money. I love using my printer for my card making projects.

    However, if you do have some stamps laying around, they will provide hours of fun and entertainment for the kids and grandkids. It’s a shame to waste them by just tossing them.

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