My New Years Resolutions

Happy 2012!!!  Did you make any resolutions this year?  I know a lot of people don’t believe in them.  I refuse to be that pessimistic, but, I’m also a little scared to share my goals out loud!  (Really, that means I’ve set them high enough to be worth while!)  So, without further ado my two big goals for 2012 are:

  1. Lose 52 pounds and run a half marathon.
  2. To start blogging like it’s a legitimate part time job.
The blogging one is the easiest!  I just have to make sure that I get busy as soon as nap time hits!  FYI, I’m adding a couple extra blogs to this site.  A Recovering Perfectionist is my place for me to be a crazy FlyLady fangirl, and is where I’ll gradually be moving most of my seasonal and gift oriented ideas and links.  They’re still under construction, but soon they’ll each have separate RSS feeds and email subscriptions so you can follow as much or as little of my homester ramblings as you want.  In the mean time, you can browse them in the tabs above and check out my first DIY tutorial for 2012!

Shrink Charm

And by the way, thanks for visiting!


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