10 Photos to Sum Up My 2011


The year started out pretty normal for me. Here I am, chillin’ with my homies at Donut SCENE. That’s right, Donut SCENE, Dawg!

But then:


SURPRISE!!! Guess 2011 won’t be the year I buy skinny jeans…


But that didn’t slow me down too much! I hit a theme park with my friends from far away! We rode the nursery rhyme train. It’s allowed when you’re pregnant.


And I helped launch 4SmartyPants with my friends. I can’t wait to see how our little blog evolves in 2012!


More than anything, I spent 2011 getting bigger.


Until October 9th.




And it’s sad that I count this as a major life change, but I got my iPhone back. I’m blogging on it now.


And here we are, set to conquer whatever 2012 may bring! What did you do in 2011?

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