My new planner!


I just bought a cheerful little planner in robin’s egg blue. I can’t wait to start using it, and I won’t have to…


…because the calendar actually starts today!

There’s a satin ribbon bookmark attached, and guess where it was tucked when I opened the package:


It was on April 2! (THAT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!)

Yep! This new planner and I were meant to be! I can’t help but wonder what surprises this new year will bring. Last year, I wouldn’t even have imagined I’d be toting around another little one by Christmas but, I hope 2012’s surprises are maybe a bit less strenuous!

Happy New Year!!!


One thought on “My new planner!

  1. i used to get so excited about my new yearly planner…and then i fell in love with google calendar and saved myself $1 every year, haha! it feels a little liberating to be free of the paper trail, knowing that i can access my planner anywhere i have internet access now. i’m such a geek!

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