Still wrapping gifts?

Yesterday, I was on the floor juggling my toddler and my newborn and scissors and tape, wrapping up some gifts to send to my family in Illinois.  It was torture.  I usually love wrapping gifts, but suddenly I was so over it.

I thought about the mountain of wrapping I still needed to do for our own family unit, then it occurred to me:  Why?  Instead, this year I’m just taking everything out of the store packaging, putting a bow around it and sitting it under the tree.  No wrapping paper to fuss with!  My toddler won’t care one little bit!


One thought on “Still wrapping gifts?

  1. What a great idea! And little did you know that you are actually carrying out a family tradition of sorts. Your Gramma and Grandpa Bailey did that very thing the year I was in second grade. I remember my extreme delight when I walked into the room and spied the doll I had given up hope of ever receiving! Remind me to tell you that story sometime if I haven’t already.

    Thanks for this post! I’m reminiscing a very happy time right now. Love you!!!

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