Eat with one hand!

I’m starting a new category called, “Aha! Solutions!” for those times I finally figure out a fix for one of my many problems! (So many problems!)


The problem? I’m a nursing mother, and my child can sense when I’m just about to eat! I get so hungry nursing the kiddo anyway, why does he think his meal times should always coincide with mine!

The solution? Some less expected one handed foods. I’ve tried cereal bars, but they tend to get crumbs all over both me and the baby! Chips aren’t healthy, and trail mix and pretzels are getting old. So, drinkable soup? Why not! There’s also a growing selection of healthy, mess free foods for kiddos. I’m buying yogurt in a tube and applesauce in a pouch! And of course, a nutrition shake will stave off the hunger if I really HAVE to go that route. But I’m in the mood for savory… Soup it is!


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