Dress up your coat! AND make it even warmer!

I have to be careful or I’ll just end up linking to A Beautiful Mess every single day! But I just can’t help it that I dig her style so much! See how she dresses up her winter coat three ways with vintage flair!


I’m pretty sure my goal for 2012 will be to learn to dress vintage! It will be quite a leap for this blue jeans and plain t’s sort of girl, but it’s worth a try!

And this brings me to a personal triumph: I’m cold. Well not this instant, but at least six months out of the year I’m just freezing in this Cleveland weather! My wool coat is beautiful, but it just wasn’t cutting it, so I bought this beauty today (on SALE)! You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s actually thin enough to fit right under my wool fitted coat! I can even slip it under my jean jacket for a covert layer of down! It says it will keep me toasty to -4 F! I can’t wait to test it! And it comes with it’s own carrying case:


Yep! That’s the whole thing! Size XL!


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