Make a Record Cabinet!

So apparently, ignoring my two blogs has yet to induce labor. This makes me mad, but I might as well carry on with business as usual! It might just be a while before this kiddo decides to show up!

So, in the mean time, allow me to introduce you to this fabulous

D.I.Y. Industrial Record Cabinet from A Beautiful Mess.


My buddy Dayle was just asking for storage solutions for her record collection, and I simply cannot think of a better reason to come out of my angry, late pregnancy hiding spot than to share just the tutorial I think she needs!

Unless she’s already come up with something. In which case I’ll just go back to being pregnant and bitter.

By the way, is anyone else COMPLETELY in love with industrial everything?!?! I, for one, am ready to embrace bringing warehouse chic into every nook and cranny of my home! For realz! And I’ve worked in real warehouses, so you know I’m serious!


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