The Maniacal Ravings of an Angry Pregnant Woman

You may have noticed I’ve DRASTICALLY slowed the pace on this blog over the last couple weeks.  I want everyone to know I’m still here, but I also know that five posts a day just won’t be sustainable in that first month or so home with our new baby.  I figured I might as well slow things down now and focus my efforts on baby prep instead of growing this blog for the time being.

I’m due in less than three weeks.  I’m technically considered full term.

And I’m horribly impatient.

All my friends in real life have already endured my rantings, but I figured I’d let my subscribers here know what’s going on and why this blog has gotten so slow for now.

It’s not that I’m the typical uncomfortable crazy pregnant woman that’s begging the doctors to get this baby outta’ me.  I understand full well that life with a newborn is as tough or tougher than life with a 15 pound beach ball strapped to your abdomen.  It’s just that I feel like my body is sending me mixed signals.  I had hardly any contractions with my first pregnancy.  With this one I’m having them regularly, strongly, and downright painfully.  One hour I’ll be fit as a fiddle.  The next hour, I’ll be contracting every 5, 4, or 3 minutes, trying to remember how to breath, and thinking that tonight’s the night we’ll be heading to the hospital!  Every time, so far, I’ll lay down for little while and it will slow down and stop all together.  Another false alarm.

I don’t handle suspense well.

I’m the kind of girl that will go on Wikipedia and read the whole plot of a movie before I see it just to make sure it will give me the ending that I want.

But everything I’m reading about these “pre-labor” contractions tells me that they don’t necessarily mean ANYTHING!!!  Some women go on like this for weeks, and with my actual due date three weeks away, I just don’t even know how to process the idea that it would be considered every bit as normal for me to go into labor RIGHT NOW as it would for me to go into labor FIVE WEEKS FROM NOW!!!  Are they crazy?!  Nobody knows anything!  I would just assume that I shouldn’t get excited about anything until much closer to my due date, but in the mean time, my own uterus keeps playing these cruel jokes on me that make me think the baby could arrive by bedtime tonight!

So anyway, that’s all I got for you today.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more in the mood to share the cute turquoise pumpkins I just found that will be perfect for my dining table, but today, I’m whining.  And for now, I’ve taken off my watch so that I can’t keep timing these contractions!

As always, feel free to share your own wacky labor and false labor stories in the comments.  They really do make me feel better. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Maniacal Ravings of an Angry Pregnant Woman

  1. i went to the hospital with false labor with javen…i felt ridiculous but in the end i know the nurses see that on a daily basis so it’s no big deal. i can’t remember much of the details surrounding that day, so i don’t have much of a story to share. i just remember going there and being worried because it was sooner than i cared to be in labor and i wanted him to have more time to bake his little buns.

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