Make a smash book!



So apparently, there is a thing that is called a “smash book” that you can buy for scrapbooking sort of purposes.  The idea is, there are no rules, just stick everything in there and get over it!  There’s a great example of how it is used over at little lovelies.

Okay, with two blogs, a baby on the way, and the copious amounts of time I feel compelled to spend on Facebook, these personal projects like scrapbooking seem to always take a backburner.  Sort of like that instagram album I posted the other day, I need to learn to just do it imperfectly and get it done!  I’m so bad about perfectionism!

Once again, please note her use of washi tape!  I asked Rachel over at Smile and Wave, and she says you can buy it on Etsy or ebay or amazon, but I just found out Martha Stewart has her own version.  I keep forgetting to look for it when I’m in the craft store.  It should probably be with the scrapbooking supplies.  I’m just prefer to buy things in real life brick and mortar rather than on the internet.  Am I just old fashioned?


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