Friday Night is Date Night! MOUNTAIN DEW!!!

I can’t believe I almost forgot my weekly date night post!  I love these things!  Particularly for my own reference when I really want to do something with the hubby on the cheap!

This week, why not get some of this:

And one of these:

And a whole lotta THIS:

Or, of course, any caffeinated beverage of your choice!  The results?  You’ll be wide awake and ridiculously slap happy long after the kiddos are in bed.  You can’t buy the kind of memories that are made when your high and drunk on caffeine!  Just don’t OVERDO it.  I mean, there’s nothing worse than truly WANTING to sleep and being unable to, and people have literally died of caffeine overdose!  Put the chocolate covered expresso beans away.  I think the perfect mix is to just drink like it’s morning instead of night time!  In my family, that’s like… one 16 oz soda a piece.  And make sure you have no plans the next day.  Your kids will be sure to punish you, but it’s worth it!  Trust me!  But there’s one more step!

Get yourself some of these:

When my hubby and I did this accidentally a couple weeks ago, and we actually had way more fun laying in bed wide awake showing each other those stupid LOL Cats on our phones than we would have had we gone out to Olive Garden or something!  (Why are LOL Cats so much more hilarious when you’re sleep deprived?)  The next day we slacked around the house till we recovered.  So worth it.  That’s why I think we’ll have to “accidentally” do this again!


2 thoughts on “Friday Night is Date Night! MOUNTAIN DEW!!!

  1. And by the way: I know I have had typos in almost every recent post. I can’t decide whether I should apologize for it, or just embrace the imperfection of it all… But come on! I get excited about this stuff! There’s no time for proof reading! That would just be ridiculous!

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