Clean Your Carpet Without Steam!

I’m way too hormonal for my own good, and I knew this full well when I couldn’t take a nap yesterday.  All the stains in my carpet were STARING at me.


I told my husband, “I don’t care that it’s Labor Day, I’m completely grossed out by our carpets!” and immediately headed out to Target to see what kind of product I could find that I could use to clean our apartment carpets without a steam cleaner.


I came home with Resolve High Traffic cleaner and this nifty scrub brush tool to go with it.  It didn’t take long before I started to get a headache and my toddler, who was blocked in on the other half of the living room was becoming restless in his confinement.  This just would not do!  Who knows what kind of chemicals they put in that Resolve cleaner, and my son eats Cheerios off that floor!

eHow to the rescue!  Check out their article, How to Clean Your Carpet Without Steam |, for an easy, non-headache inducing recipe for a foamy carpet cleanser you scrub in, let dry, and vacuum up!  I’m ridiculously impressed with the results.  Our carpet definitely looks like we may have just moved in!  Hooray!

Best part is, I make my own powdered laundry detergent!  I knew exactly what was in my carpet cleaner, and so my kid can eat all his meals right off our naturally cleansed rugs if he really wants!

6 thoughts on “Clean Your Carpet Without Steam!

  1. I’m thinking of doing this with my carpets – how long did it take for the carpet to dry? Did you use fans to help it dry? I really don’t want to rent a carpet cleaner (who knows where THAT has been?) but I can’t afford to buy one right now – so this looks like the best option. Thanks!

    • Elyse,

      It took a couple days for them to get 100 percent dry. :-/ Depending on where you live, I’d consider waiting till the weather warms up so you can open up all the windows and really speed that up!

      I recently borrowed a steamer from someone I knew and went over my carpets again. (It’s been nearly two years since this post.) It’s certainly the easier option, but if I didn’t have access to a carpet cleaner, I would totally do this again! It’s a work out! Resolve sells a carpet brush with a long handle for around $10 at Target. I bought it and, while the foam spray that came with was no good, the brush was a fabulous tool for this job!

      Good luck!

  2. Hi, I came across your blog on this and… I was wondering, how long does it take for you to scrub the whole carpet? Man I’ve been scrubbing for hours for a 25cm^2 area.

    • Oh dear! That sounds like a long time for a small space! I guess it would depend on how clean you want your rugs. I just wanted my rugs to look “even” (without dirty spots or obvious high traffic areas) if that makes any sense. It took me two to three hours for a 30×15 foot space. You really need to have the scrubber brush resolve makes. The actual cleaning foam is worthless, but the brush tool made this job SO much easier! Hope that helps!

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