Make a FlyLady Control Journal that fits in your purse!

So on Wednesday, I showed you how I printed little index cards as coloring sheets for my son.  Well, now I’m just going crazy with it!

If you read me routinely on, you know I’m a huge fan of The FlyLady and  If you have trouble keeping your house clean, go check her out!

It’s good to have a central location for all your household routines and information.  That’s why she teaches us to set up “Control Journal”.  Well, the school sized three ring binder has worked pretty well for me, but how about something I can toss in my purse or diaper bag for quick reference?  Enter the control journal mini!  It’s simple!  Just get a cheap 4″x6″ photo album, (mine was $1 at Walmart), and a pack of 4″x6″ index cards!  Scale your pages as you go, if you’re printing from your computer (or just hand write them)!  I intend to get some Post-it tabs to divide mine into sections later!

My favorite part is how cleverly I attached the magnetic dry erase marker!  It’s so sneaky to tape a magnet to the inside cover!

If you don’t do FlyLady, could you use this for other dry erase checklists and organizers?  Maybe turn it into a school organizer or a holiday organizer.  You could even incorporate a revolving calendar!  Turn it into a book of dry erase games for the kiddos on your next car trip!  ENDLESS possibilities!


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