Friday Night is Date Night! Go see a local Football Game!

Sorry folks!  Been a bit to busy for the normal updates today…

BUT, there was NO WAY I was going to miss my weekly date night post!  It’s just too near and dear to my heart.

This weekend, why not try hitting your local high school’s football game!  This is another way to get out of the house without having to hire a babysitter.  I know football isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s what we did last weekend, and we had a great time!

So, here’s the deal:  If you can get out of the house without the kiddos for your date night, that’s ideal!  But 3-4 hours can be $15-$20 PER KID!!!  For most families, that’s just not feasible EVERY week.  And while hopefully once a month you can get away with your sweetie and no kiddos, that still leaves three more weekends where you might as well still get out… just bring the fam along!

For us, a local high school football game was just the (quite inexpensive) ticket!  Our toddler can bounce up and down, scream and shout, make a huge ruccus, or just play with a handheld video game if he wants, and nobody at a rousing home game is going to mind!  That equals major relaxation for mom and dad, and an all around fun night out for EVERYBODY!

Even better, all that excitement is sure to have the kiddos nice and tired for bed time afterwards!

The weather should still be nice in these early weeks of fall!  Go ahead, bring the kids, cheer on the home team, and tell me how it went!


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