What I did Wednesday! Baby Brother’s Room and Index Card Coloring Sheets


This week, in between changing nasty cloth diarrhea diapers, I kicked into high gear prepping for bambino #2!  First, I got the nursery ready!  The nursery will actually be shared with my older son, but he was very excited to see the new paper lanterns hanging by the second crib and the new wall decal!

The simple leafy decal was only $1 at a local closeout store!  How great is that?!  I wasn’t sure how to arrange it.  At first I thought I’d make the leaves fan out like a plant.  Then I realized, “Hey!  It’s artsier if I line it up exactly like it is on the backing paper!”  So, that’s what I did!  I’m on the lookout for some cute, friendly bugs or monkeys to stick up in there, as the boys get older.  For now, we’ll keep things clean, fresh, and simple!20110831-061142.jpgI also worked on packing my hospital bag, and an overnight bag for Big Brother, in case he needs to stay with one of his “honorary” aunts and uncles.  I’m really a bit nervous about this whole transition for him.  Imagine being two years old, and mom and dad are suddenly gone all day and all night, and you go to see them in a hospital and there’s mom snuggling some new baby?!  I’m sure every second time parent worries about this sort of thing.

But anyway, I made him some “coloring cards” shown above, to help him pass the time wherever he finds himself while we’re busy at the hospital.  I just Googled all his favorite things with the suffix “coloring page” and printed them out on index cards!  It’s a lot more portable for the purse or diaper bag, and he’ll be so delighted to color on his cars, Angry Birds, and choo choo trains!

Frankly, I love printing things out on index cards that I’ll want to carry in my purse.  Just change the paper size from 8.5 X 11 to an index size.  It will be in the print options.  You might have to change the scale of your document from 100% to 25% (or whatever looks right to you).   Play around with this a little bit!  You might just love it!


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