Vitamin C skin care!



So, a little over a year ago, I had this Mary Kay party.  One of the samples our Mary Kay lady had us all try was this amazing vitamin C solution, which we applied to only one half of our face.  She only let a couple minutes pass, then, before we had a smidge of makeup on, she had us each look at each other and point out which side we had used the special vitamin c treatment on!  It was pretty cool, but I sure didn’t buy any of that stuff.  (It cost a zillion million dollars!)

Well, lucky me, Southern Lovely and her guest poster {Delighted Momma} just put up this simple little tutorial for how to make your own!

It might not sound like such an easy idea to the average person, but my  health nut parents are ALWAYS bringing us various vitamins, including a huge jar of Vitamin C powder!  I usually feel guilty, because we just don’t use everything they leave us, but I’m sure we’ll go through it faster now!

Also, today marks 40 days until my due date!  I think I deserve a facial!  Don’t you?


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